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GFI Malta Enjoys a Traditional Treat

on April 10, 2012

Even if you’re living on a beautiful sunny island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Monday blues can hit you – especially after a holiday weekend. But that wasn’t the case for the GFI Malta team whose morning was brightened up by a fellow colleague who surprised them with a GFI version of a traditional Maltese delicacy that is synonymous with this time of the year – the Figolla.

Made from sweet pastry, filled with almond paste and coated in frosting, it combines perfectly with anyone’s daily caffeine booster.

I bet you’d want a piece too – which is possible if you try out the recipe below.

The Figolla Recipe:

A brilliant Figolla recipe (approved by my own gran) can be found here:

And, for those who would like a step-by-step visual guide, check out this YouTube video:

In case you’re wondering, the name originated from the Latin word ‘Figura’, which means ‘form’ or ‘shape’, because each Figolla is typically shaped according to the recipient’s favourite choice – traditional shapes include a fish, a lamb, a heart, a butterfly and a mermaid, among others. But you can opt for any other shape – take the creative idea behind the lovely GFI Figolla.

Think you can beat our Malta team’s Figolla? Put on that apron and get cracking! Leave us a comment and tell us how it goes, or visit our Facebook page and share your Figolla images (the geekier, the better).

About the Author:

Christina is Web Marketing Content Specialist at GFI Software. She is a keen blogger and has contributed content to several IT sites, besides working as an editor and regular contributor to Talk Tech to Me. Christina also writes for various publications including the Times of Malta and its technology supplement.

Dennis Lenare April 12, 20125:51 pm

You know, my grandma used to make something that sounds awfully similar to this, I’ll have to see if I can’t make one without completely annihilating my kitchen and determine if it’s the same. If so, then I owe you guys big for bringing back a piece of my childhood.

Christina Goggi April 17, 201211:17 am

Glad to bring back such happy memories :) I hope your Figolla-baking was a success!

Ann Kirk April 13, 20124:19 am

The pastry looks very inviting and delicious! That can definitely blend well with my early morning coffee specially for a person like me who loves pastries.

I have checked the links and of course copied the needed ingredients. And I will try to make one for myself this coming weekend. But my sister has to be available this weekend to help me out on this. I am not a really good baker, just a good eater. And who knows, from this time on, we might be celebrating Easter with a cake, together with the egg. And by the way, how do you really call it, Figolli or Figolla.

Christina Goggi April 17, 201211:21 am

It was indeed very good and worked wonderfully with our morning coffee :)Good luck with your baking!

The singular form is Figolla while Figolli is the plural :)

Kirsten Diaz April 16, 20125:13 am

I have to try this one at home! We have never tried observing Easter with a cake and oh how I love cakes. Though Easter has passed but me and my family will be celebrating it once again this weekend with a Figolla.

It will be more interesting if I am going to make this Figolla in the shape of a dinosaur biting the so-called “Easter egg” on its mouth. The kids in our family just love dinosaurs. And I just hope I will be able to do this pastry as enticing as this one. Thank you guys for sharing this.

Christina Goggi April 17, 201211:22 am

Sounds like a lovely idea! Happy baking :)