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GFI Cloud™ Simplifies IT for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

on July 12, 2012

Clearwater, Fla. – July 12, 2012 – Today we announced the availability of GFI Cloud, a ground-breaking platform for the delivery of cloud services via a web-based user interface, accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection, at any time. GFI Cloud permits IT administrators within small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to manage their IT systems more easily and efficiently, freeing up time and resources so they can focus on higher value and more critical tasks.

Initially, GFI Cloud will include GFI VIPRE® Business Online™, for delivery of advanced antivirus and anti-malware protection, and GFI Network Server Monitor Online™, giving administrators the ability to monitor the health of their networks and optimize server and workstation configurations to improve performance. In the coming months, GFI LanGuard® technology will be added to the roster of services, helping IT security staff to automate software patching and vulnerability assessment via the same centralized Web portal. Additional services from the GFI Software™ product portfolio will be added in coming months as the company continues its investment in this revolutionary platform.

GFI Cloud gives SMBs with limited IT resources and budget easy access to GFI®’s award-winning solutions via a cloud-based portal that, in 10 minutes or less, let’s them start to manage their whole IT network.

Simplifying IT Management with GFI Cloud

The simplicity of GFI Cloud begins with the one-time installation of an agent that links each machine to the management console via the Web. Once connected, IT administrators log into the easy-to-use GFI Cloud console to manage essential GFI Software services on all workstations and servers intuitively from a single unifying interface. Regardless of location, the lightweight agent connects each machine to the GFI Cloud over the Internet. This enables administrators to manage PCs and laptops used by mobile or home-based employees as easily as those that are within their own sites.

GFI Cloud also gives GFI’s channel partners another delivery model option to offer GFI’s award-winning technology solutions to their customers.

Research Data Shows Small Businesses Lack Confidence in Network Security

GFI also released the results of an independent blind survey today that indicates small businesses are uneasy about their network security and performance. More than half of the 200 small business IT administrators surveyed would not bet their own money that all of the machines and devices their business owns and employees use are free of malware (51%) or that all are operating at peak efficiency and will not fail (59%). The survey also found that nearly half (48%) of IT admins report that they do not have the capability to see which PCs or servers on their network are about to fail.

Have a look what GFI CEO, Walter Scott has to say about this exciting new offering:


Learn more about GFI Cloud or start your 30-day trial today!

About the Author:

David Kelleher is Director of Public Relations at GFI Software. With over 20 years’ experience in media and communications, he has written extensively for business and tech publications and is an editor and regular contributor to Talk Tech to Me.

Jason July 13, 20127:33 pm

how is this going to affect us GFI Max MSP’s???

David Kelleher July 16, 201211:35 am

Jason, thank you for your comment.

GFI Cloud is not intended to either compete with or replace GFI MAX.

GFI MAX is a service delivery platform for IT support companies and MSPs, enabling them to deliver a full suite of IT services efficiently and profitably to their customers. GFI Cloud is targeted at part- or full-time IT administrators in small to medium-sized businesses who are looking for a tool to help them manage their IT services in-house. It is an evolution of GFI’s current offerings to customers. With GFI Cloud we are taking our existing on-premise security and infrastructure products and integrating them together in a unified cloud-based platform to enable IT administrators to manage their IT systems more easily and efficiently.

The two products are aimed at different customer segments – our target market for GFI Cloud is those companies that do not outsource to IT services companies to look after their IT. The primary value offered by an MSP to their customers is in the overall service rather than the tool used to deliver it and a company that uses an MSP today will not have the skills to take on their own in-house administration of their IT systems using GFI Cloud or any other tool.

It is a fundamental principle for us that we do not compete with our customers. GFI is committed to supporting the growth of its MSP customers and we fully intend to continue to be a partner in their success. An MSP delivers value through the skills and experience of their staff and GFI MAX provides a platform to enable them to do this more efficiently and profitably. We will be continuing to develop the GFI MAX product line as we have been up to now and will be continuing to increase our levels of investment in the product and the supporting services that we provide.

GFI Cloud is designed for use by internal IT administrators. Typically, although not exclusively, these will be larger companies than those that make use of the services of an MSP. If GFI MAX MSP partners have customers or prospects that do not need or want an MSP service, the MSP will be able to sell GFI Cloud to them and make a margin on that. Some larger organizations carry out routine IT management tasks using in-house resource and use the services of an external consultant or MSP for more specialized tasks or as additional capacity for project work, etc. In such situations, GFI Cloud is an ideal opportunity for the MSP to provide the tool used by the internal IT administrator, deepening their relationship with the customer and making a margin on something that was previously not available to them.

We can assure you that we are deeply committed to seeing that GFI MAX and the customers who use it are and continue to be successful.