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Five essential tips to ensure corporate email compliance

The world of email compliance is a complicated one. Not only do you have to cope with an alphabet soup of acronyms describing regulatory bodies, you also have to decipher reams of compliance requirements for your industry. In an effort to ease that burden, we have put together this quick guide on how to help your organization. While email compliance is far too complicated to cover in a short presentation, the tips included here are useful in handling that responsibility.

David Toruba May 3, 201211:31 am

Being compliant is absolutely paramount, but does it not create additional security risks to have e-mail archiving enabled on a mobile device that can be easily lost or stolen? Obviously, smart security and intelligent use of passwords can help prevent this long enough to disable the device’s access, but it seems like in order to be compliant with the law you have to set yourself up to deal with some unpleasant risks.

Kevin Magler May 5, 20125:08 pm

I agree with David. Minimal email if not nothing at all should be stored in mobile devices. Read, sync and delete (though, I don’t know how to delete email from my phone without risking deleting it, as well from the server).

Besides, there is no need to archive emails in whatever device has been used to access those emails. I believe that the email archiving solutions will store them once it passes through the company server. Am I right or am I right.

Another concern for me would be knowing what is the legal requirement for a government agency to get access to the emails we archive. Would a simple letter from them be necessary or should it go through a court order before we allow anyone to get access?

Sonny Rosales May 26, 20124:15 pm

Unforgivable, indeed! No matter how small a company you are, complying with government regulations is very important, especially since there are affordable solutions available. And people should always remember how regulators can make it so difficult for organizations who won’t follow.

But, I still don’t know how emails in my smartphone can be stored that is compliant with email regulations. It would be helpful we are abreast on these things. Sometimes the tools for us to use to remaing compliant are a bid late compared to how user behaviour has changed. Maintaining compliance even with the use of smartphones is necessary. Hopefully, we will be guided soon.

Curtis July 17, 20124:53 pm

We have found that in order to do this you need to have a smtp rule or server that is set to forward all sent email to your archive server. For all received email this should have already been handled by the archive upon receipt. There really is no viable option for storing email on a smartphone that will insure you have access to this information for e-discovery.


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