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The top 24 facepalm moments in information security

With all the media attention focused on ShellShock, we thought it would be a good time to take a look back at some other web-shaking security events of the past. In chronological order, here are 24 facepalm moments in information security.

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To split or not to split? That is the question

Whenever a company wants to set up a VPN for its remote users, one of the major decision points that always comes up is whether or not to support split tunneling. In this post we define split tunneling and some related terms.

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Troubleshooting VPN client connectivity

To help troubleshoot VPN client connectivity, here are some pointers that may save you some time.

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Dangerous Bash Bug lurking in Linux and OS X

Some security experts are calling it “bigger than Heartbleed”. A newly discovered bug in the Bash shell can be exploited to run malicious code immediately after the shell is invoked in Linux and UNIX-based operating systems. Bash shell is one of the most-used utilities for Linux/UNIX.

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The best 24 free tools for troubleshooting

Here are 24 great free tools to help you troubleshoot almost any issue!

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Security 101: Introductions and vocabulary

With security being such an important part of every task a sysadmin undertakes, and with the stakes so high, we are starting a new series on the GFI Blog that deals with Security 101. The last week of every month, we will cover something along the lines of a “Security 101” topic to help those who need security, but don’t have the background, to improve their skills.

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In search of the perfect form factor

I’ve been looking – for what seems like forever – for a computing device that doesn’t seem to exist. All I want is a machine that’s as compact, thin and light as my Galaxy Note, has a built-in screen that’s as gorgeous as that on my Tab S, has a fantastic keyboard that weighs almost nothing like my Surface Pro, and has processor and memory power equivalent to my desktop tower. Is that really too much to ask?

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The 24 funniest server naming conventions you’ve ever seen

Some sysadmins do like to have a bit of fun even when naming servers so we’ve put together some very cool and funny server naming conventions that we’ve come across. It’s just a server name, but why be boring when you can be witty (or weird).

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25 tricks every IT support pro should know

If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with shortcuts and tricks!

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Talking tech to… My devices

I know talking to my tech gadgets is the future, so let’s look at where that technology has been, where it is today, and where it’s headed.

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