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Better late than never-checklist for upgrading from Windows XP

It’s been over a year since XP went end of life. Maybe you still need that last little nudge to get current, so here is a checklist for upgrading

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Top 5 Free Rescue Discs for Your Sys Admin Toolkit

Here are the best all-in-one Bootable CD/USBs that admins can use to troubleshoot and repair a Linux or Windows system – all handy additions to your toolkit.

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Microsoft CEO Nadella releases Gates’ style memo

Bill Gates was famous for releasing an annual memo to tell his troops what direction Microsoft was taking. Current boss Nadella released a very similar memo in June.

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Analysis: Making the web a better place, one project at a time

A new compiler will enable an even faster web and another project is meant to put a stop to vendor lock-in within the cloud.

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Windows Server 2003 is dead : Here’s the ultimate upgrade checklist

Do you know what happens on July 14? It’s the day that Windows Server 2003 goes end of life. That’s less than a week from now.

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Celebrating freedom with the 19 best free applications!

We put together a list of the best 19 free applications available for sysadmins and power users. From network monitoring tools to troubleshooting software and more.

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Windows 10 release: 10 things you need to know

To help you get ready for the big day, which by the way is July 29, we wanted to prepare a little list of the top 10 things you should know about Windows 10.

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Good, fast or cheap – the developer’s dilemma

You can have it good, you can have it fast, or you can have it cheap. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to have two out of three – but you can’t have them all.

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Everybody loves (and hates) security

For real estate professionals, the common mantra is location, location, location. For IT professionals, it’s security, security, security.

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Internet pundit Meeker talks mobile, messaging and more

Every year Mary Meeker gives a detailed ‘state of the state’ of the Internet industry. She happens to be one of the most knowledgeable analysts out there. When she speaks, everyone listens.

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