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Drugs, music, sex, romance. Parenting in an online world

With apologies to Prince, the title of this post sums up some of the biggest concerns parents have when it comes to their kids going online.

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Security 101: Authentication (part 3) – protecting authentication

Authentication is critical as it helps to determine who is and who isn’t a valid user so that authorization can take place. It also helps to identify actions to a specific individual.

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Mobile payments raise the age-old question: Convenience or security?

Why would anyone want to tie their credit card or bank account details to a device that can easily go missing, or save it with a company that might get hacked?

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Was the Melodifestivalen hack really a hack or app failure?

While there is still a bit of mystery surrounding the Melodifestivalen incident, there are also lessons to be learned.

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30 years of Hollywood distorting the Net

On July 28 this year, the film The Net, celebrates its 20th anniversary. This was one of the first feature films that had the Internet as a prominent plot device. Here we count down another 20!

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Tech Vendors Giveth, Tech Vendors Taketh Away

“Feature bloat” has long been a complaint regarding new devices and software.The recent high profile security threat posed by Superfish, adware that Lenovo preinstalled on some of their computers, has vendors reassessing the issue. But are some tech companies going too far in the direction of taking away features that some users have come to […]

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New Obama cybersecurity agency has lessons for us all

U.S. President Barack Obama launched a new cybersecurity agency that aims to pull together security information from other agencies to gain a better overview of the overall threat and find new ways to fight it.

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Saying Goodbye – and Other Social Networking Private Messaging Etiquette Dilemmas

Saying goodbye to someone you like is always difficult – but on social media, it sometimes seems to border on impossible. Maybe that explains the addictive nature of such sites. As with a good book, it seems you can never find a stopping place.

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Managing your online persona(s)

Many of us lead busy lives and managing your online person(s) might sound like just another chore that you don’t need. However, in today’s business and social environments, the time invested can save you a great deal of grief – or even help you land that dream job or meet Mr. or Mrs. Right.

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Is it time for device vendors to stop “gifting” us with unwanted, risky software?

A few days ago, Yahoo! Tech reported that Lenovo has been selling laptops that come pre-installed with malware created by a company called Superfish, which is designed to inject advertisements in the web browser but also compromises the certificate-based security protocols that enable computers to detect imposter web sites and can make the computers vulnerable to HTTPS man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks.

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