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Making a list (of tech toys) and checking it twice

‘Tis the season for putting together your list of things that you want Santa to “surprise” you with and we techie types inevitably end up with a few electronic gadgets on ours.

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Should you have reservations about making reservations?

As more and more restaurants start to go online themselves, or join popular services like OpenTable or customers will become more and more familiar with online booking systems.

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Hollywood’s favorite villain is artificial – and increasingly real

Ever since Hal in 2001: a Space Odyssey took over the spaceship, Hollywood has made computers into the bogeyman.

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The Connected Car: A driving force for the cloud?

Phones aren’t the only pieces of machinery that have gotten smart in recent years. Automobiles have also been quietly increasing their levels of “intelligence.”

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Happy internet day!

Countdown with us the top 31 things that existed before the Internet, but today depend upon Internet technologies, even if it’s not really obvious that they do.

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World-wide Wi-Fi: Free and easy, but is it safe?

When it comes to ubiquitous wireless Internet connectivity, I would say; “You can have it free or you can have it safe, but you might not be able to have both.”

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An ode to open source and freeware developers

If the sharing of software wasn’t enough, open source developers also share their source code. It’s time we start appreciating what they have done for the IT industry.

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Has Microsoft beaten Apple at its own game?

Apple missed a huge opportunity by not developing a laptop/tablet and now, Microsoft hit it out of the park with its latest Surface devices.

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