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Security 101: at rest or in transit – protecting data with encryption

In previous articles, we discussed encryption and the algorithms used. In this one we take a look at their practical application.

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The top 24 gadgets on your sysadmin’s wish list

Whether you’re looking for a small gift to give your sysadmin at the office party, or a larger gift for the sysadmin who happens to be your loved one, we’ve got you covered with this year’s list of the top 24 gadgets for sysadmins.

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Introduction to permissions, Part 3: Application Permissions

In Part 3, we are going to look at application permissions. This is a pretty broad topic, but there are some generic permissions that are relevant across most models.

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Oh, there’s no place like home for the holidays

Here are 21 tools for sysadmins to keep close by to help you resolve any pesky issues that will come your way while at home and get back to enjoying your hard-earned rest.

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Introduction to permissions, Part 2: File system permissions

In Part 2, we’re going to look at how Windows and the *nix operating systems (Linux, Unix, and Macs) deal with file system permissions.

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Android – The new battleground for software vulnerabilities

With over 1 billion Android devices activated, the platform’s popularity has inevitably caught the attention of malware creators. In some cases, mobile phones pose a greater security risk than a desktop computer.

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30 things to do to secure your network now!

Discover the top 30 things you can do without having to spend your entire IT budget, hire expensive consultants, or retool your network, to improve your network’s security.

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Introduction to permissions

In this new mini-series we’re going to take a look at how to troubleshoot permissions. To start, let’s take a step back and discuss what permissions are, the various models, types of accounts that are affected, and the principle that should drive all permission-setting: least privilege.

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Cyber-Insurance: Is it necessary? Should it be mandatory?

Should businesses consider buying cyber insurance or is it yet another insurance that’s unnecessary?

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Cyber Monday’s coming; buyer, beware

As much of a fan of online shopping as I am, I’m also well aware of the dangers of this holiday shopping season for those who are looking for an online bargain. Phishing scams proliferate at this time of the year, with many of them offering popular products at incredibly low prices.

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