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Troubleshooting DNS resolution

Being able to quickly troubleshoot DNS is a key skill, and one that every IT pro should have. Here are some tools and methods to get you started.

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The 21 most common misconfigurations that will come back to haunt you!

Sometimes poking at things with a sharp stick can get us into trouble, and this list describes the 21 most common misconfigurations that will come back to haunt you, because poking at things randomly means trouble if you don’t pay attention to the outcome!

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Troubleshooting networks with PSPing

You can use PSPing to perform simple “is it up” tests for services, or when ICMP is blocked by a firewall, but you can also perform much more complex network troubleshooting for problems caused by latency, or related to bandwidth. More in this post!

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What’s the user interface of the future?

For many people today, the social network itself has become the primary interface… Are we narrowing our scope of information (and maybe our minds) by spending so much time on our social site of choice?

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Does anonymity breed contempt?

With the advent of social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, whose terms of service require that you use your real name, anonymity is rapidly disappearing. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

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Troubleshooting networks with TCPing

If you’d like to learn how to evaluate firewall connectivity, check on service restarts, and determine if servers are up even when ICMP is being blocked, read on for more on TCPing.

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How to resolve ADFS issues with Event ID 364

One common error that comes up when using ADFS is logged by Windows as an Event ID 364-Encounterd error during federation passive request. There are three common causes for this particular error. If you encounter this error, see if one of these solutions fixes things for you.

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Yet another sysadmin’s compendium of cheat sheets

Following your requests, we’re expanding some of the topics we’ve covered in the well-received ‘Sysadmin compendium of cheat sheets’ posts, and including SCCM and System Manager.

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Top 10 free tools for digital forensic investigation [Video]

We’ve selected the top ten tools for digital forensic investigation and incorporated them in this short video. Enjoy!

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13 things every employee should do before calling the helpdesk

Is there something you could do to reduce the number of calls from users? Yes! Here are 13 things every employee should be asked / taught to do before they call or email helpdesk.

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