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Microsoft quietly helps humanity

Microsoft Research is an amazing organization. Much of what they do is pure research, and much of this is about solving the world’s most vexing problems.

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An unusual bring your own device story

Security professionals have often cautioned organizations who allow their employees to bring their own mobile devices and then plug them into the network.

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Minority Report: In Support of Scary Technology

There is a lot of sentiment that’s been building over the past years against all sorts of technology that is perceived to be taking away all of our privacy.

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Is the oversized iPad another half-hearted enterprise push?

There was the usual hype leading up to Apple’s Keynote event last week and many were expecting Apple to take a serious stab at the enterprise market as their next evolutionary step.

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Honey, I shrunk Windows

Bigger isn’t always better. When it comes to computing devices, opinions vary as to the perfect size. Thus far, though, the smaller form factor isn’t as popular for full-fledged Windows devices.

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Spotify privacy – get a little, give up a lot?

The Spotify music service was in the middle of controversy recently when people starting asking questions about whether it was going too far, privacy wise.

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The Windows 95 legacy, 20 years later

The year was 1995. Microsoft Windows 3.11 was on business machines and Windows 3.1 was on home machines worldwide. Then, in one release, Microsoft reinvented personal computing.

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10 for the Win, or is it a bust?

Windows 10, proclaimed by some to be Microsoft’s “last operating system,” has finally been released in final form and is getting both praise and criticism from early upgraders.

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