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Beware the Malware Banner

Have you already heard about the banner trick? Not yet? This is one of the latest sophisticated additions found in the Zeus malware configuration. This addition has been recently discovered, analyzed and reported by Trusteer. Malware such as Zeus place their focus in online banking fraud. Online banking fraud is a serious affair judging by […]

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Tips for a Good Patch Management Strategy

Previously “Never touch a running system” was a very common tradition/saying in IT administration. Once software is installed on a system, it will be never touched again as long as software does the job properly. Nowadays, this common tradition has changed. Updating software does not only bring new features into the product, it may also […]

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PST Recovery: An Overview

PST recovery is often needed by administrators for a number of reasons; to name a few, it can happen because of Outlook crashes, sudden machine shutdowns and when the PST file grows too large. This usually means the administrator will need to do a PST recovery.  The PST recovery process can be a very tedious […]

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The 16 Most (Potentially) Dangerous Applications on your Network

System admins know the importance of keeping up with operating systems patches on their workstations and servers, and making sure their antivirus definitions are kept up to date. We plan for and test regularly Microsoft’s monthly releases, and ensure 100% compliance on all our systems. But unless we’re using a commercial patch management solution, there […]

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Email archiving as an alternative to PST backup

Microsoft does not want you to backup PST files Email is the internet’s original killer app and if your work depends on email then you are most likely using Microsoft Outlook as your email client. Your emails, tasks, calendar items and contacts are stored in Personal Folders files (.pst). It is therefore very important to […]

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How to Detect Network Intruders (Part 2)

In the previous blog post we saw how identity theft in a corporate environment can be a huge risk for a corporate environment and how the possible injection of malicious code can easily take place and go unnoticed on a client machine that is part of a corporate network. There are many ways in which malicious code can […]

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How to Detect Network Intruders (Part 1)

Stealing someone’s identify is one of the best known techniques for hackers to access confidential information in a corporate environment. But how does it work? Why is it difficult to detect such intrusion attempts? What can be done to safeguard your corporate network from unwelcome visitors? It is well known that the internet is not the […]

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How to repair PST files

One of the biggest problems users encounter when using PSTs is that they can corrupt. Because there are countless messages within a PST that could easily be lost when the file becomes corrupt, knowing how to repair PST files is highly important. Of course, it would be even better if you knew how to avoid […]

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Why the Need for Internet Monitoring?

There are many dangers that a company might face on a day to day basis and while some of these can be mitigated by enacting effective policies, this will only help up to a certain extent. Consider the Web for a moment; it’s a popular attack vector that’s been used by malicious hackers for quite […]

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How End Point Security Software Can Prevent Data Theft

Data thefts in corporate environments happen quite often although many of them remain unnoticed for a long time. Small and medium sized organizations are usually the most badly affected, especially when no security measurements are in place within the IT infrastructure. Recent incidents such as Wikileaks are a very good example of why data theft […]

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