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How Events Monitoring can Prevent IT Disasters (Part 1)

An IT disaster in a corporate environment may cause a significant loss of money and may also interrupt business relevant processes during production. Data loss is one of the worst parts of an IT disaster which sometimes may not be recoverable. In general IT disasters leave their marks on businesses which people remember and learn […]

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Can Companies Defend Against Targeted Attacks? (Part 2)

In the previous post I wrote about the interesting questions raised due to the hacking of IT security firm HBGary. What should we learn from this incident? So, going back to HBGary – why were they apparently so easy to hack? It is not because they have no clue about security, but rather because they […]

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Can Companies Defend Against Targeted Attacks? (Part 1)

The story with all the interesting details about how security company HBGary was hacked earlier this month, published by Ars Technica last week, has made quite some noise with people concerned about IT security. It is a perfect – by the book – example of how to find and use weaknesses in a security system […]

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A Quick Look at On-Premise E-mail Archiving

In a previous post, I discussed the concept of e-mail archiving in the cloud and ran through some pros and cons of hosting your e-mail archive off-site. Today we’ll take a quick look at on-premise e-mail archiving. Having an on-premise e-mail archiving solution simply means that the e-mails that are archived remain within the organization’s […]

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5 Threats to Watch out for when Using a Public Machine

Recently I wrote an article highlighting steps to take if you provide public computer access to your customers to ensure their security. The news then broke out that hardware key loggers were found at public libraries in Manchester. Public libraries are an obvious target for people trying to steal confidential information as this is where […]

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Top Most Vulnerable Applications and Operating Systems in 2010

Analyzing the data on 2010 from National Vulnerability Database reveals some interesting statistics.

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The Ins and Outs of Vulnerability Scanning

What are Vulnerability Scanners? Vulnerability scanners check your network against a database of known vulnerabilities; such a database is usually compiled from respectable resources such as CVE ( or OVAL ( They can also check for administrative oversights such as weak passwords and misconfigurations. Although most scanning applications do not fix what they have found […]

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6 Tips for a Successful Patching Process

Whether your servers run Windows or Linux, whether your workstations are Windows 7 or Macs, and no matter what vendor your network gear comes from, one of the most critical administrative tasks for admins of any system is patching. With new vulnerabilities announced every week, and with dozens, if not hundreds of different applications running […]

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10 Easy Steps to set up your first Virtual Machine with Hyper-V

Open up Server Manager and click on ‘Add Roles’. At the ‘Before You Begin’ page, click Next. Select ‘Hyper-V’ from the list of Roles in the ‘Select Server Roles’ page and click Next through the wizard until you get the role installation Results, confirming that Hyper-V has been installed.

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Did the FBI plant backdoor vulnerabilities in OpenBSD IPSEC?

Recently an interesting story broke out where Theo de Raadt (OpenBSD project Manager) received an email from Gregory Perry, former CTO of NETSEC claiming that about 10 years ago the FBI paid developers working on the IPSEC implementation of OpenBSD to introduce backdoors and other side channel attack vulnerabilities.

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