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Embedded tech – wearable tech’s next frontier

The bounty hunter Aurra Sing isn’t a central character in Star Wars. Yet, she really caught my imagination thanks to the built-in comlink antenna protruding from her head.  What a cool way to communicate (since we can’t all be Jedi Masters, able transmit our thoughts without any high-tech aids!) To me, this is the ultimate […]

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What’s your sign? The sys admin’s zodiac

Sys admins, alchemists, astrologers… all three jobs seems to be part fantasy and part mythology to people who don’t do the job. The subject came up around the table recently and we started to compare the traditional traits of the various Zodiac signs to those of the typical sys admin role and character. Of course, […]

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Hoopy froods unite – 77 great quotes for Towel Day

Happy Towel Day, fellow hitchhikers. And if you happen to be a strag*, we hope you have found your towel. ‘What is it with towels?’ you may ask. Fans of the ultra geeky, ultra absorbing The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy will know that Douglas Adams had a few things to say on the subject […]

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The Dumbing-down of Software (There’s an App for That)

Some tech pundits have long bemoaned the phenomenon of software bloat – increasingly sophisticated and consequently increasingly complex applications that can contain hundreds of thousands or even millions of lines of code. Microsoft Office is a favorite target of these complaints, with between 25 and 50 million lines of code.

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Which chess piece are you?

In IT, as in Chess, sometimes you have to play the long game, sometimes the short. You can try to come out on the offensive, but far too often you find yourself playing defense to stay in the game, forced to react to your opponent’s moves. Although you want to be proactive and stay ahead […]

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De-stress with cloud computing

IT administration is a stressful job, intensifying every day as new technologies are developed and the cloud is pushed as the next best thing in computing. Actually, the cloud is not a bad idea at all and if you take control of the strategy, it can make the job of IT administration, while not quite […]

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Wi-Fi glossary -71 terms you need to know

With the growing popularity of Wi-Fi and its increasing prominence in corporate networks, it is important to understand the various terms, acronyms, and standards that are rapidly becoming a part of the lingo. To that end, we’ve put together this glossary of common terms that are used.

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The cloud career boost

Many a CIO’s career began as an IT administrator, a process that took years, sometimes decades. Cloud computing in its various forms offers an unprecedented way for an admin to take a fast-track route and move their career forward.

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