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Troubleshooting Information Overload

Let’s face it; most of us in IT spend entirely too much time in firefighting mode. We talk a great game about being proactive, and keeping ahead of issues; monitoring our systems for utilization and capacity so we can schedule upgrades before things bog down. But then, with our phones beeping almost non-stop, having to […]

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Why Organizations Are Moving Email to Fax (Part 2)

In addition to the inbound communication that was covered in Part 1 of this two-part blog post, it is important to consider the need to send outbound communication through email to fax functionality.    In a similar fashion to the ability to receive faxes as email, users can send faxes directly from their standard email client […]

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51 Items on an Admin’s Wish List for 2012

With the New Year at the corner, it is time to start putting together our admin’s wish list for 2012. Anything goes for this list – new hardware or software for work, changes to procedures or offerings from vendors, geeky gadgets, and future tech. Here’s the list I have compiled: 

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Black Friday: 5 Tips to Stay Safe this Holiday Season

Many people take the day off after Thanksgiving and seize the opportunity to run down to their favorite mall or outlets and make the most of the huge discounts on many items, knocking a few presents off the list. Those less keen on finding somewhere to park their car and wait in long queues, may […]

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Troubleshooting a Blue Screen

One of the most annoying things that can happen to an administrator is when at random intervals a PC crashes and generates a so-called blue screen of death. A blue screen can be caused by a number of faults and it is sometimes very hard to pinpoint the cause simply by looking at the blue screen […]

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What Principles to Consider when Optimizing Web Security

In order to optimize the organization’s web security strategy, businesses should invest in good web filtering and web monitoring software, complementing the other security solutions they may have. Web filtering does to your organization what a mosquito net does to your skin – it keeps the bugs away whilst allowing air to pass through. The […]

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31 Things Admins Should Do to Increase Their Web Security

System admins need to deal with several issues to keep the company network running smoothly; the primary one being that of ensuring web security is maintained in the best way possible. For this reason, I have gathered a list of the 31 most important steps admins should consider to improve their web security strategy.

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Web Reputation Can Save You from Online Threats

Reputation is everything in business. A single blemish, a negative report, or a poor review of a product, could bring a company to its knees, affect sales and send a negative message to investors or consumers. Reputation and trust go hand in hand, but from a security perspective this is not always a good thing […]

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Microsoft Action Ends the Kelihos Botnet

In another victory against spammers, Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit (DCU) has taken down the Kelihos botnet, which at the time the command and control servers were knocked offline, controlled some 41,000 infected hosts and was able to send 3.8 billion spam emails every day. Yesterday, Microsoft released the details of its actions against the alleged […]

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The 43 Things Administrators Should Never Do

Administrators have a tough job on their hands to manage, maintain and protect the network they are responsible for. Armed with the latest tools, they do an excellent job; however, at times, often due to pressure, they make mistakes – sometimes easily avoidable. In this post we are going to present the top 43 common […]

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