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13 for ’13 Jumpstart: Patch Management

A few weeks ago we published an article called 13 IT Projects to Include in Your Plans for 2013. In that post, we suggested 13 IT projects for you to consider, since as the New Year approaches, many IT departments start lining up their wish lists for the following year. We got several requests on […]

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Windows PowerShell™: Essential Admin Scripts (Part 1)

In Windows PowerShell: Extracting Strings Using Regular Expressions, I introduced the Windows PowerShell and discussed the concept of regular expressions, giving an example of how to build a Windows PowerShell script to extract strings from a file using a given regular expression. In this two part series, I will discuss a number of PowerShell scripts […]

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Keeping Software Updated in a Multi-platform Environment

The typical system administrator in a small- to medium-sized business (SMB) has many time-consuming tasks to keep the network secure, guarantee 24*7 corporate email availability, allocate and configure new machines as new employees join and help the CEO with the latest gadget several times per month, amongst myriad other tasks. One popular CEO gadget is […]

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Six Tips to Shop Securely on Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday: With consumers spending up to $1 bn in online sales on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving), they are expected to begin round two today as they look for more great bargains and knock a few more items off their holiday shopping list. Online shopping is great, but if you’re not careful, you could […]

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19 Technologies and Trends We’re Thankful For (and More)

Around the world, Thanksgiving is a day set aside for people to be thankful for all the good things in their lives. Friends, family, health, a bountiful harvest, a good job… these and more are all things for which to give thanks. Thanksgiving is considered the holiday season’s official start. To commemorate this day, we […]

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13 IT Projects to Include in Your Plans for 2013

As November winds down and we start to hit the holiday season, you’ll be cranking up on that workload, and very soon your boss is going to be asking you about the projects you want to take on in 2013. With that in mind, here are 13 IT projects for 2013 that you should start […]

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New Phishing Campaign Targets LinkedIn Users with Fake Reminders

Phishing attackers are always looking for a new angle, and the latest attacks making the rounds look to fool victims using LinkedIn Reminders as their angle. Unlike so many other phishing attacks that are seen every day, these actually look pretty good – in fact, almost better than the real ones!

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Spyware: The Next Generation

The world of IT continually creates new technologies and malicious software develops along with it. As we become more reliant on devices such as mobile phones, consoles and tablets, it is just a matter of time before hackers begin to focus on these technologies and develop tools that allow them to snoop on and steal […]

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Unsolicited Phone Call Scams – Part Two

In Part One, I talk about a phone call scam I received and how I had been passed by the “caller” to a “supervisor”, and then to a “technician”, and how the story just got better and more believable along the way. When it was the technician’s turn, he told me that I had over […]

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23 Awesome YouTube Channels for SysAdmins

Killing time should be a piece of cake with all the Internet has to offer – really, it’s inconceivable that you might be at a loss for something to do. That does not mean watching cat videos or playing flash games (that is, unless it’s your thing). If you’re a SysAdmin, or simply a tech […]

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