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Did the FBI plant backdoor vulnerabilities in OpenBSD IPSEC?

Recently an interesting story broke out where Theo de Raadt (OpenBSD project Manager) received an email from Gregory Perry, former CTO of NETSEC claiming that about 10 years ago the FBI paid developers working on the IPSEC implementation of OpenBSD to introduce backdoors and other side channel attack vulnerabilities.

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Are you being watched?

Following a comment by one of our valued readers, Patrick, I decided to write an article about Sniffing because the subject is way too broad to discuss via comments. Patrick mentioned an event which happened recently. A Chinese Telecommunications company redirected 15% of the world’s internet routes through its system. It’s impossible to say whether […]

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5 Benefits of switching to Virtualization Technology

In today’s world, the main reason why IT organizations are considering virtualization of some, or all, of their computing infrastructures is that the technology helps reduce costs drastically. Consider, for example, the case of the server infrastructure where you would increase the utilization of your servers from 15% to 80%, thus eliminating the need of […]

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Why can’t I access the DSN I just created?

The switch to 64 bit was an essential step for computing; however, the bliss of having the extra addressing space was not all that we got unfortunately. The mixture of 32 bit and 64 bit environments has been a source of headaches for quite a while as demonstrated by the popularity of my other post […]

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Patching Season?

The holidays are coming with a large number of security updates releases from vendors. So far this month we already have the following important updates: Google Chrome version 8.0.552.215 was released on 2nd December with 13 security fixes, 4 of them high severity level Apple QuickTime version 7.6.9 is available from 7th December. It contains […]

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Why being Proactive in Security is Essential

We have always been taught that once your system is compromised you need to either restore a clean backup or re-install the system in order to be safe. This is because the person who compromised the machine might have installed rootkits, backdoors or tampered with system tools to gain future access to the machine or […]

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5 Popular Hacking Techniques – Do you know your enemies? (Part 2)

Welcome back. In part one, we explained the importance of understanding the threats against your network and looked at three common hacking techniques that the bad guys might use against you. They included Attacking Defaults, SQL Injection, and Exploiting Unpatched Services. Now, let’s look at two more, and finish up with some good advice.

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5 Popular Hacking Techniques – Do you know your enemies?

“Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.” – Sun Tzu While the famous Chinese general may not have had hacking techniques in mind when he penned The Art of War some 2500 years ago, there is great merit in knowing your enemy, and the techniques s/he may […]

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5 Benefits of Automating Patch Management

In a previous article I wrote about software patches and why relying on auto updating systems of individual applications is not a practical solution for corporate networks. You need a patch management solution for proper patch management. But what are the benefits of automating patch management for these companies?

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8 Steps to Securing a Public Machine

Mohammed S Ali, wrote an interesting article about the dangers of using public PCs, so to continue with the topic I’ll be explaining what you need to do to secure a machine for public use. 1. Physical Security The first step in securing a public machine is a tricky one and that is ensuring its […]

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