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The Top 89 Admin Pet Peeves

Pet peeves, annoyances, irritations, grievances, vexations…if you are an IT admin, I bet you have a few. We all do. There are just some things that can set one admin off on a wild tear, while others go on nonplussed. Here is our completely unscientific, unranked and arbitrary list of the top 89 admins’ pet […]

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10 of the Most Dangerous Things to Have on Your Network

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions – any sys admin would relate to this.  You have nothing but the best intentions when you install a tool, set up a service, or plug in a device on your network, convinced that that these will be of benefit. Yet how often did […]

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Malware Headlines Make Case for Sandbox

With The New York Times recently reporting on the origins of Stuxnet and all the commentary and speculation on the incredibly sophisticated Flame malware, some interesting questions are being raised by my colleagues in the security industry and the journalists covering these threats. There are obviously some serious geopolitical and ethical considerations attached to the reported […]

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The Hidden Threat behind Web Banners [VIDEO]

Advertising builds trust in a brand, and that trust makes us feel secure enough to click on a banner ad of a brand we know while browsing the Internet. However, danger could lurk here in the form of “malvertising”.

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Nine Great Cloud Anti-Spam Blogs to Check Out

Are you a system admin or an IT junkie looking for the latest updates and tips in the cloud computing sphere? We have listed nine great blogs, each with its own focus on cloud computing, which make for some great reading and reference material, and we’re sure you will find information you won’t want to […]

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Is Exchange Anti-Spam Enough?

We all know the importance of network security, yet it is also necessary to strike a balance between its costs and its benefits. This is not easy and there is no golden rule here, with the golden ratio being different for every organization. Because this is a vague area, it can also give rise to […]

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111 Windows Tips to Help You Put Nine Hours into an Eight-Hour Day

Is this you: Eat lunch at your desk because you don’t have time to go out? Can’t stop for five minutes to chat at the coffee machine? Wear your wireless headset into the restroom because conference calls and biological necessities conflict? Tired of always leaving work just five minutes too late to beat the afternoon […]

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When You Become the Enemy

Malware is distributed in a number of ways. Many web attackers focus their efforts on attracting potential victims to visit malicious sites and, to prevent this from happening, a lot of organizations restrict employee access to reputable sites only. Hackers, however, are aware of this practise and counter it by hacking legitimate sites and turning […]

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Is Your Network Being Sniffed? [VIDEO]

Is your network data safe? Do you know if your network traffic is being tracked and recorded by malicious third parties? Most importantly, how would you know if your network is infected and what can you do to prevent it?

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57 Simple Sys Admin Mistakes that Someday You’ll Regret

When it comes to IT, simple mistakes can cost you big time. Whether that is immediately or not depends on a number of factors, and sometimes, when something has gone incredibly wrong, you won’t even realize that the root cause was a snap decision or simple oversight you made months ago. If you parse this […]

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