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5 ways to strengthen your wireless security

Try to wrap your brain around these numbers: In a mere six years, an estimated 24 billion devices will connect to the Internet. (Yes, that’s “billion” – with a “b.”) And half of those devices will be mobile.

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Target’s tale: Lesson learned or will you be burned?

Turn back the clock to late last year. At the height of the holiday season, between November 27 and December 15, hackers certainly gave new meaning to the term “hit the bull’s-eye!”

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9 tips to improve wireless connectivity in the office

Two things that really upset people when they try to connect to a wireless service is that a) the connection is not free and b) that it doesn’t work properly. The reaction is very much the same within an office environment. Employees not only expect the company to provide wireless but they also expect a […]

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What do 300,000 Wi-Fi routers have in common?

Did you hear about the hackers that hijacked more than 300,000 wireless routers? Four words for those of you expecting a punch line: Don’t hold your breath. This months-in-the-making story made headlines on March 3, and it was no joke. Rather, it was a massive pharming attack that took control of small office/home office (SOHO) […]

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Will March Madness drive your company bandwidth insane?

It’s that time of the year when American basketball fanatics are busy filling in the tabs of their tournament brackets and readying themselves for the big games (last year 693,000 brackets were filled in three hours after the selections). Millions will be tuning in to watch the games at all hours but if you’re a […]

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Sensitive transactions over wireless: A recipe for disaster

Europol issues warning regarding public wi-fi networks   Industry experts have been proclaiming for a while now that we’re headed toward a world without wires. Some pundits have predicted that new fast wireless technologies, capable of gigabit speeds, will usher in the death of Ethernet. The majority of home networks are wi-fi based. Companies connect […]

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March webcast line-up

Every month we organize some exciting webcasts that cover a variety of topics – this month we have two.  Have a look and sign up for what best suits your needs!

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Get back… To the future of faxing

How much could you improve your business with more money and time to spend on jobs that generate revenue? It may seem like a pointless question to ask, let alone answer. Budget increases can be tough to come by given today’s economy. And jamming more than 24 hours into the day? Sounds like an experiment […]

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Do operating systems matter anymore?

Once upon a time, all of us, from avid computer hobbyists to IT pros and computer “experts”, were enlisted in the OS wars. Divided into three basic camps – Windows, Linux and Mac – we battled passionately for our operating systems of choice. Apple put out anti-PC ad campaigns and Windows users wouldn’t be caught dead […]

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It’s 2014 – Why haven’t all businesses gone wireless?

I remember when networking your computers meant running cables, usually coax or Ethernet (any other old folks around who recall ArcNet and Token Ring?). In the very early days, “computer rooms” had built-up floors with a mess of cords and cables running underneath them.  A little later, if you wanted to do it right (and […]

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