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What’s New in GFI MailEssentials® 2014

We are pleased to announce the release of GFI MailEssentials 2014, our flagship email security and anti-spam software which helps thousands of organizations worldwide to protect their email infrastructure. In this post we ask Ian Bugeja, product manager for GFI MailEssentials, on the latest updates in this release.

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‘Little Guys’ Play Big Part in Grid’s Cybersecurity

Where were you on the afternoon of Aug. 14, 2003? And what were you doing shortly after 4 p.m. Eastern Time? Don’t break into a cold sweat. You’re not being asked for your alibi. Besides, if you were in parts of the Northeast and Midwest United States, or parts of southeastern Canada, chances are you […]

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Analyzing Email Communications (Part 2)

How many emails are employees sending to webmail accounts? How quickly are employees responding to emails? How many employees are accessing their work outside of office hours? Answers to these questions can help your business enhance security and efficiency. Let’s explore these areas, and a few others.

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Search Engine Query Monitoring: The Little Known Benefit of Web Security

In today’s connected world, it is not difficult to understand the need for web filtering: after all the most common source of malware infection is the internet, and to have comprehensive protection you need to have multiple web security engines in place, including a web filtering solution.  Did you know that some web filtering solutions […]

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Don’t Bank on a Funeral for Faxing Just Yet

The University of Alabama – home to the national champion of major college football in three of the last four seasons – recently finished renovations to its magnificent football facility. The 30,000-square foot Mal Moore football building features, among other things, a $9 million weight room, multiple 70-inch flat screen televisions, and a 212-seat theater-style […]

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November Webcast Line-Up

Every month we organize some exciting webcasts that cover a variety of topics – have a look at this month’s line-up and sign up for what best suits your needs!

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Analyzing Email Communications (Part 1)

When it comes to corporate email, IT administrators have quite a challenge. They need to find the right balance between protecting employee privacy and monitoring electronic communications for signs of bad behavior. Likewise, employees have to respect the company’s rules for communicating, and use good judgment when sending and receiving emails. This can all be […]

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Managing the Mobile Workforce

Today’s workforce has been mobilized – literally. More and more users are accessing the company network through smart phones, tablets and laptops, and in many cases those devices have completely replaced the traditional desktop PC. Whether personally owned (BYOD), stipend-funded or company-issued, all those devices are constantly moving around to different physical locations and logging […]

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BYOD without Worry Thanks to GFI LanGuard®

One of the big buzz words in IT for the past several years has been BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). BYOD scenarios are starting to crop up everywhere, from small businesses all the way up to federal government agencies. One of the biggest challenges SysAdmins, security professionals and CIOs all face is how to secure […]

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Buried by an Avalanche of Business Email?

How much of your job is spent in digital dialogue? How many of those conversations are specifically over email? The educated guess here is quite a few.

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