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Will March Madness drive your company bandwidth insane?

It’s that time of the year when American basketball fanatics are busy filling in the tabs of their tournament brackets and readying themselves for the big games (last year 693,000 brackets were filled in three hours after the selections). Millions will be tuning in to watch the games at all hours but if you’re a […]

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Sensitive transactions over wireless: A recipe for disaster

Europol issues warning regarding public wi-fi networks   Industry experts have been proclaiming for a while now that we’re headed toward a world without wires. Some pundits have predicted that new fast wireless technologies, capable of gigabit speeds, will usher in the death of Ethernet. The majority of home networks are wi-fi based. Companies connect […]

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March webcast line-up

Every month we organize some exciting webcasts that cover a variety of topics – this month we have two.  Have a look and sign up for what best suits your needs!

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Get back… To the future of faxing

How much could you improve your business with more money and time to spend on jobs that generate revenue? It may seem like a pointless question to ask, let alone answer. Budget increases can be tough to come by given today’s economy. And jamming more than 24 hours into the day? Sounds like an experiment […]

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Do operating systems matter anymore?

Once upon a time, all of us, from avid computer hobbyists to IT pros and computer “experts”, were enlisted in the OS wars. Divided into three basic camps – Windows, Linux and Mac – we battled passionately for our operating systems of choice. Apple put out anti-PC ad campaigns and Windows users wouldn’t be caught dead […]

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It’s 2014 – Why haven’t all businesses gone wireless?

I remember when networking your computers meant running cables, usually coax or Ethernet (any other old folks around who recall ArcNet and Token Ring?). In the very early days, “computer rooms” had built-up floors with a mess of cords and cables running underneath them.  A little later, if you wanted to do it right (and […]

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Hitting a home run with your network security solution?

In professional baseball, scouts rate position players on a five-tool system. Only the very best can do it all: hit for average, hit for power, and excel in baserunning, fielding and throwing. The Major Leagues are filled with athletes that shine in one or two of these areas, but all five?

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The Internet of things: It is your business

“Internet of Things” is a catchy buzz phrase that’s been floating around the IT world for a while. Like “Cloud” before it, it’s taking a while to gain attention, but its rise to the forefront is inevitable. Most of us think about it (if we think about it at all) as a concept that pertains […]

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IT admins: Ready to give an Olympic effort?

The “Miracle on Ice” at the 1980 Winter Olympics is widely considered the greatest U.S. sports moment of all-time – and with excellent reason. Nearly 34 years ago, a group of unheralded men’s college hockey players from Massachusetts and Minnesota stunned the mighty Soviet Union – and the world – with the upset of all […]

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Heart to heart – the way forward for businesses

A meme currently doing the rounds says, “It’s no more B2B or B2C. It’s H2H: Human to Human.”

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