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You’ve got (malicious) mail

Unfortunately, email-based malware has gotten much more malevolent over time. And security pros should not see email as “old hat” or an outdated form of attack. Deb Shinder explains why.

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The case for building a BYOD policy

Whether you’re looking to build a basic BYOD policy or one that’s tailored for your company’s specific needs, the project involves the same steps. Here’s a step-by-step guide.

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It’s time to take care of your Internet immunity

Increase your Internet immunity – here’s a white paper on how to understanding today’s top online threats and how to guard against them.

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Just released: GFI WebMonitor 2015 Beta 1

We’re excited to announce that the beta 1 build of a totally revamped GFI WebMonitor is now available for preview. GFI WebMonitor 2015 is a new, powerful version that really gives sysadmins the tools to manage internet monitoring in their organization.

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Fax: what’s old is new again

GFI FaxMaker Online now works just as well on mobile devices thanks to GFI FaxMaker Online Mobile App which supports Apple iOS and Google’s Android. Find out more here!

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22 reasons why sysadmins are awesome

Today is The Day… SysAdmin Appreciation Day. Since so many of users have no idea what it is sysadmins do or why they are so awesome, we wanted to compile this list to make sure employees know just how great sysadmins truly are.

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Gearing up for SysAdmin Day? We’re already celebrating!

We’re dedicating seven days to sysadmins – a SysAdmin Appreciation Week – starting from today!

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Safeguarding your emails and files with GFI MailArchiver 2014

A new version of GFI MailArchiver is available today and we asked its product manager, Ian Bugeja, to tell us how GFI’s award-winning solution can help companies combat this problem.

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Survey: Work/life divide? The gap has all but disappeared thanks to email [Infographic]

One in four US respondents check their work email at least once a day in personal time, while 9.8% continue to check email in real-time even before and after work. More survey results in this post.

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The scariest security stories of 2014 (so far)

I’m still not used to typing “2014” in the date field yet, but I just looked up the other day and realized that this year is already half over. An assessment of the first two quarters shows that on the security front, there’s both good news and bad news. The good news is that software […]

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