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Heart to heart – the way forward for businesses

A meme currently doing the rounds says, “It’s no more B2B or B2C. It’s H2H: Human to Human.”

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And the winner is… 123456

Fans of Star Wars or Star Trek will surely remember the excellent 1987 spoof, ‘Spaceballs’. Hilarious, witty and featuring a star-studded cast, Spaceballs was more than just a spoof… it also generated a massive cult following.

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The decline and fall of the Facebook empire?

Princeton University academics have predicted the demise (or at least, the rapid decline) of Facebook in a couple of years’ time.  While I have not read the full study upon which they are basing their opinion, various news reports provide a summary. Facebook was quick to respond with a wonderfully prompt and witty rebuttal.

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If you’re going to do video content, do it right!

I’ve been noticing a trend lately – content that was originally text and image-based, such as tutorials, tech support reference material and so on, is now showing up as video content.  Not all content can or should be text-based, that’s a given, but my beef about this trend and towards those trying their hand at […]

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2014: The year of doing more with web filtering data? [Infographic]

As an IT Administrator, you endeavour to ensure that the technology you choose to use makes a positive impact on the business, and you are always looking for new ways to use technology that will bring additional benefits to your organisation. Take the new web filtering software you may be considering, for example. Web browsing […]

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The privacy of things

The right to privacy is something we take for granted. If we are in the comfort of our homes, on the phone to a relative or friend or simply sending an email from a personal account, we expect that no one is prying, listening in on our conversation or reading what we wrote.

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Next Gen IT: It’s More Than Just the Cloud

As we head into the middle of the second decade of this new millennium, it seems all eyes in the IT world are cast upward, to the Cloud. There’s no doubt that cloud computing is set to create a paradigm shift in how we use (and pay for) computing services in the years ahead, but […]

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The Big Tip for 2014: Network Security Begins with Automated Patch Management

Welcome to 2014! It’s the start of another year, and who knows what new threats, viruses and Botnets will be uncovered in the coming months? The good news is that whereas the ingenuity of hackers may keep us guessing, the basic attack vector has not changed: their focus is to exploit weaknesses in network security […]

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An Introduction to E-Discovery (Part 2)

In part two of this two-part series, I discuss the e-discovery process (EDRM) and highlight two common e-communications archiving architectures used by organizations today as part of their e-discovery strategy. If you missed part one, check it out here.

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Snapchat Breach: Good, Bad or Just Plain Ugly?

Looking for a technology story to follow in these first days of 2014? The suggestion here is the Snapchat data breach, specifically what comes of it. The leak of 4.6 million usernames and phone numbers occurred on New Year’s Eve, and it should motivate all social media consumers to re-examine the value they place on […]

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