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Survey: Work/life divide? The gap has all but disappeared thanks to email [Infographic]

One in four US respondents check their work email at least once a day in personal time, while 9.8% continue to check email in real-time even before and after work. More survey results in this post.

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The scariest security stories of 2014 (so far)

I’m still not used to typing “2014” in the date field yet, but I just looked up the other day and realized that this year is already half over. An assessment of the first two quarters shows that on the security front, there’s both good news and bad news. The good news is that software […]

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How healthy is your network?

A study published last year in The Journal of Hospital Infection proposed fist-bumping (the “closed-fist high-five”) as an alternative to the old-fashioned handshake. The latter, according to the study, is a giant germ-swap that can impact human health.

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GFI MailEssentials: like a fine wine, maturing and evolving with the times

For more than 16 years, GFI MailEssentials has been protecting email servers in businesses around the world. Email is a major communication tool and, inevitably, it is also the target of malware distributors and spammers. Just as email usage continues to evolve, so does GFI MailEssentials; and our development teams have been busy beefing up […]

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Happy Fourth of July from GFI!

We would like to wish a very happy Independence Day to our friends, colleagues and followers from the United States! To mark the occasion, we put together a very short video featuring some of us here at GFI Malta wearing red, blue and/or white, and with the American flag. Happy 4th July from GFI We […]

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12 email tips to share with your users

Unsolicited email or spam may be a mere nuisance for most emails users, but for an IT administrator spam is a headache and a major security threat. More than 3% of all spam includes a malware payload, but that doesn’t mean that the remainder is safe. Far from it. You can still be directed to […]

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World Cup priorities: morale over productivity?

The United States and Germany, each with a proverbial foot in the door to the World Cup’s Round of 16, only need a draw in their head-to-head Group G match today to reach the knockout round. It’s a reality reportedly doubling as a nightmare scenario for FIFA, which dealt with a similar situation in 1982.

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PCI DSS compliance isn’t for you? (It can be)

The rules may not apply to you. But you should still apply the rules. Wait. What?

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Lost emails?! The IRS’ taxing tale

You may never – ever, ever, ever – feel sorry for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). But, surely, you can appreciate the migraine-like headache that officials from the US government’s tax agency are experiencing.

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Is virtual reality just a game, or the next big thing for business?

The concept of virtual reality (VR) has been around for a long time and has been implemented, with varying degrees of success, in the gaming world. It’s a favorite subject of sci-fi writers and as an avid reader, I immersed myself in Tad Williams’ Otherland, a late 21st century world where VR simulations get frighteningly […]

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