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Survey: Spam email disrupts two-thirds of businesses each year [Infographic]

58% of US organizations surveyed were affected by an employee clicking on a malicious email. More findings form a recent survey by GFI Software into spam email in the workplace here!

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Improving productivity with Internet monitoring software

In an ideal world you’d like to find an easy way to manage and monitor access to the Internet so that you are efficiently using bandwidth, maintaining productivity and keeping employees happy. It’s possible with Internet monitoring software. In this post we explain how.

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Are you prepared for Microsoft Forefront’s EOL?

Microsoft Forefront will be discontinued. Instead, Microsoft has launched a new product line called Exchange Online Protection. Can existing Microsoft Forefront Protection customers simply migrate to the new Exchange Online Protection solution?

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‘Because [they’re] happy’… or, maybe not. How can you tell?

With stress costing the US industry an estimated $300 billion a year in sick days, accidents and associated costs, it might be time to measure your employee happiness. Impossible! No, it isn’t. Watch this short video and discover how you can monitor your company’s mood.

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Cyberstranger danger: Traveling safely on the info highway

Just as there are “bad parts of town” populated by drug pushers and other criminals, there are bad web sites, full of pornography, hateful propaganda, and lies that can seduce young, naïve minds. In the U.S., the federal government recognized the potential for abuse back in 2000 and passed the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), amidst a good bit of controversy from civil libertarians over the censorship aspect. More in this post.

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What’s new in GFI FaxMaker 2014?

Product manager, Scott Hagenus explains how the latest version of GFI FaxMaker is keeping up with the times and what’s so special about this release.

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Sharing and storing data? File this away

How are telecommuters sharing the files, folders and communications generated in the course of collaborating? And what measures are taken to protect privacy, ensure safety and meet compliance? The answers matter.

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You’ve got (malicious) mail

Unfortunately, email-based malware has gotten much more malevolent over time. And security pros should not see email as “old hat” or an outdated form of attack. Deb Shinder explains why.

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The case for building a BYOD policy

Whether you’re looking to build a basic BYOD policy or one that’s tailored for your company’s specific needs, the project involves the same steps. Here’s a step-by-step guide.

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It’s time to take care of your Internet immunity

Increase your Internet immunity – here’s a white paper on how to understanding today’s top online threats and how to guard against them.

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