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Have wireless, will travel

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the technological innovations that are making travel a little more pleasant.

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Antivirus is not a replacement for patch management software

While antivirus software is absolutely critical and has its proper place in your network, it’s no substitute for patch management software. Using both will help to bolster your defenses and is a good start towards that layered security approach.

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The 21 secrets of email signature bliss

Doing email signatures the right way can be a challenge for many companies, so here are some tips to help you with email signature etiquette and effectiveness.

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Seven reasons why online faxing is good for healthcare providers

Online faxing is growing in popularity among healthcare providers as more and more doctors’ offices, hospitals and labs start to see just how easy it is to integrate, and how much time, effort and money it saves them.

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Controlling Internet access at the application layer

You want to permit your users to access the web and all the good it has to offer, but you need to protect your users, your business, and your customers from all the bad. What do you do?

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Clever phishing attack uses Dropbox to spoof Dropbox

Dropbox recently detected and shut down a spoofing page designed to grab users’ credentials to Dropbox and other webmail based systems that was hosted on Dropbox itself.

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Play ball! But make sure critical apps don’t strike out

As users go looking for the plays of the day, interviews with the players, and perhaps even the odds for the next game, you need to make sure that their enthusiasm for the game doesn’t cause productivity issues, or worse, prevents critical business apps from functioning.

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Take our mini quiz and win a subscription license of GFI WebMonitor 2015

To follow up the launch of GFI WebMonitor 2015, we are giving five techies the chance to win a 10-user, one-year subscription licence of GFI WebMonitor.

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Embrace the cloud without compromising security

GFI WebMonitor’s inbuilt understanding of the most popular web-based applications and cloud services can help sysadmins enforce policy and protect users.

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Does your bandwidth belong to autoplay videos and ads?

Here’s how you can protect your users from the bandwidth leeches like autoplay video ads, as well as from malware, phishing sites, and policy violations.

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