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In the tech industry, timing is everything

There are many other aspects that contribute to whether a company’s offering with be a big success or a dismal flop, but whether or not the time is right seems to be the most important of all.

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Customer to tech companies: Stop abandoning your babies

Discontinuation of a trusted product feels like a betrayal, and there’s a good chance that customer will think twice before investing money and time in one of that company’s products again.

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E-cigarettes chargers: not what they seem?

Hackers are purportedly bundling malware onboard with USB chargers so that, when users connect them to their computers to charge their e-cigarettes, they get more than a nicotine hit.

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Employee Internet monitoring is really a process of discovery

Employee Internet monitoring is a discovery tool that enables the IT admin to properly manage and secure the network from the bad guys.

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‘Not just email archiving’ – Introducing, GFI Archiver 2015

GFI Archiver 2015, a rebranded and updated version of GFI MailArchiver, is available today and we asked its product manager, Ian Bugeja, to tell us why the product has been rebranded and what’s new in this version.

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Study: 38.6% of U.S. businesses suffer IT failures caused by non-work related Internet use

A survey by GFI Software issued today takes an independent look into how workers use company-provided computers and laptops for personal activities, and the direct impact that personal use can have on the organization.

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In cyberspace, no one can hear your router scream

According to your bandwidth bills, a black hole is a region of the Internet from which cat videos, check-ins, and likes prevent anything, including productivity, from escaping. Let’s take a closer look at some of the black holes that threaten your users and data from cyberspace, and how you can protect your users from them.

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Have wireless, will travel

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the technological innovations that are making travel a little more pleasant.

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Antivirus is not a replacement for patch management software

While antivirus software is absolutely critical and has its proper place in your network, it’s no substitute for patch management software. Using both will help to bolster your defenses and is a good start towards that layered security approach.

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The 21 secrets of email signature bliss

Doing email signatures the right way can be a challenge for many companies, so here are some tips to help you with email signature etiquette and effectiveness.

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