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How to Prevent Users from Changing GFI WebMonitor® Proxy Settings in Firefox® Using Group Policies

If you’re in an environment where users are allowed to use browsers other than the default Internet Explorer (IE), you should know that these programs will use settings outside of the Microsoft defaults. Employees using other browsers will also need to have all their traffic sent through GFI WebMonitor. In this post we’ll go through […]

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GFI MailArchiver™ 2011: A Key Tool in Your VAR Toolbox

GFI’s partners are key to our success and our aim is to help them drive efficiencies and bring the benefits of IT to the wider market. A key product in GFI’s portfolio is GFI MailArchiver – a highly successful product that gets better with each release. We believe that GFI MailArchiver is a key tool […]

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GFI LANguard™ 2011 Released!

GFI LANguard is the first network vulnerability and patch management solution to integrate with more than 1,500 critical security applications The GFI Infrastructure Business Unit announces the launch of GFI LANguard™ 2011, the latest version of the company’s comprehensive network vulnerability scanning and patch management solution. GFI LANguard 2011 is the first network vulnerability and […]

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Discussing fax routing methods

This article will identify and discuss the primary routing methods utilized by the GFI FAXmaker fax application and many other fax applications on the market today. CSID – Called Subscriber Identification CSID is a string which identifies the fax receiving party’s station or number.  This string can be programmed in the fax machine or fax […]

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What is OCR and how does it integrate with faxing?

As an introduction to this topic, it would be best to explain what OCR stands for and what it does. When discussing technology and computers, ‘OCR’ is the common abbreviation for Optical Character Recognition and involves the electronic translation of scanned, handwritten or typed text images into a digital form that a computer can manipulate. […]

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Licensing explained: TE-Systems XCAPI and Brooktrout SR140 with GFI FAXmaker 2011

With the release of GFI FAXmaker 2011, it is possible to choose a FOIP system utilizing TE-Systems XCAPI or Brooktrout SR140 in conjunction with a VOIP Gateway that supports T38 fax or G711 pass through. The installation drivers for TE-Systems XCAPI are now bundled with the installation file of GFI FAXmaker 2011. The installation drivers […]

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Patch Deployment in 3 Easy Steps

Picture a scenario of a network on 1000 hosts. On performing a network audit, it is found that 10 machines (servers and workstations) are un-patched. Although this might not seem like a large percentage (1%), one must keep in mind that it only takes one unprotected machine to infect and/or completely bring down an entire […]

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Troubleshooting FOIP issues

Although FAX over Internet Protocol (FOIP) has been around for a few years, lately there has been a steady rate of adoption of this technology. A wide choice of VOIP Gateways, significant reduction of phone bills through least cost routing and added scalability options are just a few of the reasons why this technology is […]

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