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Exchange 2016 architecture comes full circle

In the beginning, there was the Exchange server, and it was good. One box did it all, and there was no concept of roles.

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On the importance of patching and staying current

Ross Smith IV, the Principal Program Manager for Office 365 Customer Experience, published an interesting post on the Exchange team blog, here are the key takeaways

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Making the internet safer, one takedown at a time

In another example of business and law enforcement cooperation, the Simda Botnet was taken offline last week.

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March Releases Include Three Big Updates for Exchange

March brings Exchange admins big updates for all three of the currently supported versions. You may want to take a look at these, get them tested, and get them deployed in your next change window.

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Windows 2003 Goes EOL in Five Months

Just in case you missed it, Windows 2003 goes EOL (End of Life) on the 14th of July 2015. If you are am Exchange Admins this is why you should care!

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