Microsoft Exchange

Troubleshooting Exchange Backups

One of the most important things you can do to insure business continuity, disaster recovery, and happy executives, is to perform Exchange backups on a regular and a frequent basis. If your backups often fail, here are the solutions to the most common issues.

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Why is using PSTs in 2016 a bad idea?

Using outdated technologies created for personal use in an enterprise environment has never been a good idea. Using Outlook’s PST files in 2016 is a typical example of such a poor practice.

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What the Future Brings for Emails in SMBs

Many modern-day business prophets have predicted the demise of email in companies, but it’s still here, alive and kicking. What will the future bring for this channel of business communication?

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Quarterly updates for Exchange are out – Q2 2016

Just in time for summer holidays, BBQs, and fireworks, Microsoft has released the latest series of Cumulative Updates for Exchange 2016 and 2013, as well as Update Rollups for Exchange 2010 and 2007.

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Cool tools to use – OffCAT 2.2

There are dozens of tools out there that help Exchange sysadmins run their systems, optimize them, troubleshoot them, and monitor them. OffCAT 2.2 is one of them.

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Time to start thinking of the Exchange 2007 EOL

Exchange 2007, which came out in 2007 and has a ten year support lifecycle, will reach its tenth birthday in 2017, which is next year! Time to start thinking of upgrading.

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Installing Exchange 2016 into an existing Exchange 2010 org – The Exchange Deployment Assistant

In this post we take a look at a free tool from Microsoft that we are going to use to guide our overall deployment of Exchange 2016 – the Exchange Deployment Assistant.

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April brings update rollups for Exchange sysadmins

April 2016 brings us updates for now four separate versions of Microsoft Exchange, and we’re here with what you need to know for each.

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