• Spammers never sleep
    and neither do we!
    GFI MailEssentials® 2014 R2 - now with Avira™ antivirus
    and enhanced spam detection features.
  • Quality IT solutions
    for your business
    GFI Software™ provides powerful, cost-effective solutions to enable you to easily address your everyday IT problems.
  • GFI LanGuard® 2014 R2
    Now with even greater support for network device assessment,
    Fedora® patch management and enhanced mobile device scanning.
  • Catch issues early, fix them fast
    with GFI Cloud™
    The all-in-one web console provides antivirus, patch management, web protection, asset tracking, monitoring, plus NEW remote control*.

    *Powered by TeamViewer®
  • multi_perfmon_homepage_bnr
    Multi-layered IT security
    in GFI Cloud
    Protect your network with an all-in-one web console that provides
    antivirus, patch management, web protection, free asset tracking
    and server and workstation performance monitoring.
Email and messaging solutions

Email and messaging solutions

Network Security Solutions

Network security solutions

  • Free asset tracking

    With Asset Tracking in GFI Cloud you can see what you have at a glance, anytime from anywhere – and it won’t cost you a penny…

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  • Global partnerships

    Our partner program is global. And all of our partners receive the necessary sales, marketing and support tools to increase their revenues – and their profits.

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  • Free software trials
    Easily download and register for free trials of our IT solutions. Experience how our simple yet powerful products save you time and money.
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